In the World of iT! i, am ever present.

A Matter of Public Record

1. state of being transparent: the quality or state of being transparent

1. make something known: to disclose something that was unknown or secret
2. expose something: to make something visible that had been hidden or covered; to uncover
3. make known divine truth: to make something known by what is believed to be divine or supernatural means

1. the real facts about something : the things that are true
2. the quality or state of being true
3. a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

1. knowledge that you get about someone or something
2. facts or details about a subject
3. the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence
4. knowledge obtained from investigation, study, or instruction

Transparency : data, information, fact, truth, knowledge, intelligence

Do you see the Truth for what the Truth is,
or do you argue away from iT?

The Truth is the Truth no matter who tells iT!,
a Lie is a Lie no matter who sells iT!

A system is a system is a system.....troubleshoot the systems we live under for Truth,
thats when you realize nothing is True ~Sysop

The Smoking Gun to 9/11
(see for more info)
The Motive
(see for more info)

iT's! in front of your eyes,
for you to see,
are you intelligent enough
to achieve........."Transparency"?

The pieces are here, you just need to put them together.

Hateful Ignorance Hostile Ink Revealed
In the world of iT!
am ever present
for "Transparency"
is a mattter of Public Record
i am i (musical intro)
i am information
nothing more, nothing less
just information
i am
the ever present

so woe to you
of earth and sea
i come bringing

1 if by land
2 if by sea
this time it's 3
information technology!
It's in front of your eyes,
but you dont see.......(end intro)

you're a walking zombie
a Talking Pelosi
an adolescent baby
me me me me me

tattoos football beer and money
you eat organic GMO's
made from real milk & honey
America's so blind
but hey man,
its always sunny

liberally conservative brains,
of uneducated goo's,
sit and watch,
the TV news
from your mouth
their hatred spews.......

(THEM) you're a liberal, right wing conservative tea bagging racist pothead with a conspiracy're a truther!!!!

I'm a truther
and thats ok
i dislike
the other way

(THEM) thats not what I meant!!!

thats not what you meant?
what kind of people say things they dont mean?
they speak in opposites, from what ive seen

propaganda pimps, and media ho's
political pundits, our nightly foes
they tell a lie
and strike a pose
thats how
the opinion goes
the truth is out there
but you dont know
...hateful ignorance...
is what they sow

(THEM) what.... I dont care!!

au contraire
mon frere
its no wonder
i have gray hair
you speak from your

streets of despair
chemtrailed air
you eat Fukushima Tuna
without a care

open borders
new world disorder
they're fracking and contaminating
our fluoridated water

pipelines across babylon
for miles and beyond
remember Kuwait in 91?
When oil fires blocked the sun?
Were the stolen pipeline explosives
just for fun?

do ya think Homeland Security
envisioned that one?

to those that study the theory of evolution
and the scholars of the constitution
and the greatest minds of all institutions
here's a global warming solution

marijuana is an herb
nutrients for the nerves
they give a lesser sentence
to a perv
while bustin your face
into a curb

PAIN!!!!! PAIN!!!! PAIN!!!!
Pain is the Gateway to drugs
not cannabis
but only an ignoramus
would disagree with this
a us patent by HHS
truly exists
for those that say its a ruse
ha ha
i just cooked your couscous
thats right, that patent
holds the truth.....truth!

paralysis and blue screens of death
vaccinating like it dont make sense
big pharma creates the pestilence
doctors inoculate with ignorance
while autism attacks the innocence
turning your head
is Cognitive Dissonance

oh lord
i thought id seen it all
now little kids
cant play ball
aluminum salts and thimersol,
pharmaceutical.....wind fall

you know
they dont care
and when our vets come home
there aint nothing there
the end result
nothing spared
at what point
do they care?

what difference does it make?!?
the history of evil you foresake
government devils tongue like a snake
EWE the people
need to awake!

stop the political chatter
you're mad as a hatter
open your eyes
lives have been shattered
can you see
or doesn't it matter?

Jose'.....Can't you see?
you are not free
living in the land of blasphemies
no right to Liberty
denied by Govern-"Mental" Authority
its all plain to me
uninvisible as can be
thats why they call it

Why do people argue
because someones not speaking the truth
rationalized conjectured opinions
are seriously....MOOT!

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ~ Mark Twain

When you speak the Truth, others will feel the need to argue, for they cannot accept the Truth. Arguing is for Liars. ~ iT!

From spreading the wealth around
this is what I have found
our government took us broke
and our futures not sound
if we dont hit the stop button
it will come crashing down

Quantitative easing
its not so deceiving
they devalue the dollar
to keep on thieving

they rob peter to pay paul
bankrupt the people
to pay for it all
hey yall,
that's against the law

they bailed out the bankers
and corporations too
time to put the foot on
the other shoe
do unto them
because they did you

arrest the federal reserve
they created
the market curve
time to give them
what they deserve
taking it back
is justice served

Bill Clinton repealed
the glass-stegall act
and that
is indeed a fact
now..... $200,000 speeches
at Goldman Sachs
while Ted Cruz's wife
sits on their lap!
oh no way Jack!
the people want
their houses back

they sold it all overseas
its all so disastrous
dont you see
the freedom terrorists
live in DC

lies of deception
lies of deceit
a $80 Trillion Dollar Debt
is OUR receit
Dont tell me
Nazi history,
didnt repeat.

from: the NSA,
to: the TSA
better do what they say
or ND AA
Indefinite Detention FE MA
road side stops for DNA
now they're trying to take
our guns away
so what do i say

Infringing on the 2nd Amendment
during a time of war
is aiding the enemy
10 US Code 904 (UCMJ Article 104)
ladies & gents,
need i say more?

from: Sieg Heil!
to: Yes We Can!
Harry Reid
sells our land
while threatening
the Bundy Clan
they went and killed
an unarmed (white) man.
welcome to

where......Justice Scalia
was found dead
while lying in bed
a comfy pillow
over his head
no autopsy they said
embalmed instead
it wasnt me
was it the Fed?

who killed more ISIS
with their shootin'
is it Obama?
it's Vladimir Putin

DC created racism amongst man
spread fear & terror across the land
whenever people get off a boat
there's a name to be had
so much injustice we cant stand
politicians play the race card
at every hand

knowing your history
is a way to see
along with "Truth"
comes "Transparency"

those that dont want to disclose the truth
have something to hide

now this, i cannot deny
dont worry about the 28 pages
its all a lie
Death to America
comes from inside

spoke of a Secret Society

now this is nothing new to me
a court ruling
is there to see
our Government killed
Dr. King

New Age Nazi
Hillary Clinton's
the Butcher of Benghazi!
a Secretary of States

shes not fit to run
but loves Hypocrisy

Say no to Christie
Rubio, Cruz,
& Fee-o-ree-nee
a "Corporate Raiders"
Mitt Romney
now Santorum doesnt sleep
with his dead babys mommy

.....while Slick Willie
unhides the salami

all of this,
and economy!!!

the revolution will not be televised
the boob tube is for the ill advised
conspiracy theorists have been justified
research the internet to realize

put me on a stand and ill testify-
that everything government is a lie
i cross my heart and hope they cry

Game Over!
I dont play
their own rules
they don't obey
this is our life
they cast astray
if there is justice
they will pay
i speak this,
to my dying day

im poor white trash
do you hear what i say
im like a bad rash
that wont go away
ill be a witness
on judgement day

im not politically correct
and i try to show respect
but hey man, what the heck!
why aren't politicians
swinging from the neck??? (musical interlude)

now here's something our politicians can do
google your bing until it yahoos a clue
I had enough of listening to you
I didnt sign the constitution
and neither did you
legally you cant tell anyone,
what to do

Ipso Facto
its null and void yo

Qui Vult Decipi

a k a
Caveat Emptor

The political winds have shifted
our nations been grifted
I hereby demand
their submission!

come out with your hands up DC!
you have become destructive
upon our means..........

for the crimes they do
the red white & blue
will be the new

A world of deception
lost in perception
after closer inspection
its based on

from ancient pyramids of stone
to the columns of Rome
DC has always been
a Masonic Throne
with its False Idols
White as Bone

Masons made DC a pentagram
for a devil worshiping uncle sam
cant you see its all a scam
i said it cause i give a dam

History has an eb and flow of injustices
while Lady Liberty comes in disguises
but hey man,
can you guess what the surprise is?
shes the Egyptian Goddess.....ISIS
und Libertas

Bush Hitler & Geronimo
there are things
you didnt know
and now their lies
start to show
they did it all
for skull and bones

Bush Family.......
& Friends
Government Devils to the end
revelation 20 dot 10
brings about their descend

tangled by a web
they did weave
Gog and Magog BUSH
did deceive
the 4 corners and you
but not me
Solution Provided
in rev 18

revelation 20 dot 7 (20:7 )
coincides with nine-eleven (9:11)
now their sins piled to heaven (rev 18:5)
North America is a head of 7 (rev 13:1)

fall of the twin towers
stunned peeps for hours
covered in dirty flour
destroyed by evil power

released from the abyss
now things amiss
a Holocaustic wish
was the Devils kiss

The Beast, the Mark the "Image"
Who do you think Allah is?
turn to Revelation 20 dot 4
indeed its a Holy War.
America is Babylon
and DC's a Whore!

in Revelation 13
the beast of forlorn
the Washington Monument
is a horn
Satan got here
before you were born
now its time
you were informed

justice roberts supreme courtship
"mark" the words from bidens lip
HR 3200 (thirty two hundred)
RF ID Chip

from: Sieg Heil!
to: Yes We Can!
Does that make Trump
The 4th Horseman?

on ashen horse he did ride
hell following by his side
no conscious is his guide
now the lightenings
for them to ride

in revelation 6 dot 8
read to relate
why Obamas muslims hate
chanting death 2 the United States
now hades is their fate

Novus Ordo Seclorum
Dont say I didn't warn ya!

From Didymus
to the Apocalypse
God Bless everyone
and Thank You,

P.S. The Georgia Guidestones
they are a tombstone
i figured that out
while being stoned

13-1 The Beast (aka New World Order)
20:7 Released from the Abyss
9:11 as in 9:11
20:8 The Wars of Gog & Magog BUSH
6:8 The leaders of the 4th Reich
20:4 Sword of Allah
Rev 18 - The Solution
20:10 The End

The "Truth" is out there,
but you don't know
is "Hateful Ignorance" what you sow?

Anybody Listening?
(musical outro)

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Transparency - A Matter of Public Record / 9/11 False Flag Inside Job
In the world of iT! i, am ever present