Georgia Guide Stones Analysis

detailed examination of the elements or structure of something,
typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation:

a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation:

This analysis is nothing more than my observation after looking at pictures of the stones.
i am not saying my analysis is true or false, iT is what i see, and how i drew a hypothesis.

Georgia Guidestones

The name RC Christian is the name of the man that purchased and ordered the stones. As you can see under his name, the word "Psuedonym", and it is spelled incorrectly.

1. A psuedonym is most commonly used as a Pen Name for an Author, as you can see that is what they're doing here, letting you know it is a Psuedonym.

Questions I asked myself when seeing this
: An author never puts "Psuedonym" after their name when they write something, so why are they doing it here? Why do they feel it is so important for you to know it's a "Psuedonym" that they put it on here. "Psuedonym's" are used to hide an identity, so why draw attention to it? if you want anonymity, why advertise it? and then for it to be so important, why is it spelled incorrectly?

This led me to look at the word "Psuedonym" closer and low and behold, more words that jumped of the page at me, "terrorists & noms de guerre." Noms de Guerre is French for "War Name" A Terrorist War Name. A Jihad.
RC Christian = Religious Crusade against the Christians??
My Question: Is this why they want to give Amnesty to 20 Million Christians, so they don't have to round them up by invading another country?

2. Age of Reason - A New Order of the Ages, Novus Ordo Seclorum, a New Secular Age???

3. 6ft below, a Headstone???

The Death of America, a New Secular Order, a Religious Crusade against the Christians???

If you are in need of more information about the Georgia Guidestones,
Google your Bing until it Yahooooos an answer!

Some Stones through History to think about
Pyramids - Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, Corporate, Scheme
Stone Age - Stonehendge - Stone Gods - Stone Columns of Rome - White House Cornerstone - Stones of Free Masonry
Washington DC having most types of stone carvings & architecture of the past, to also include Mt. Rushmore.

As the Ancient Egyptian Slaves built Pyramids of Stone for their Pharoah's
you built Corporate Pyramids for yours.

Transparency - A Matter of Public Record | Georgia Guidestones
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